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Proposal Writing, Marketing Strategy, PR, And Communications For Historic Event

The Knowing Agency curated the winning proposal to secure our client's procurement of visioning, managing, and producing Amazon’s first-ever leadership Summit, SHINE: Bringing Greatness Into Light, dedicated to the cultivation and nurturing of its Black women senior leaders. Subsequently, The Knowing Agency led and executed the following activations to support the success of the Summit:

Developed the core project plan by which all timelines, responsibilities, and tasks were delegated and then held accountable.
Crafted the Marcom Strategy for the entirety of the Summit, including email, web app dev, SMS, social media, and PR.
Created all brand messaging, including Brand Guidelines, invitations, collateral, emails, and onsite communication.
Directed development of and curated keynote speeches for Amazon executives, as well as intros and outros between speakers.
Drafted social media posts for Amazon leadership, securing up to 35x engagement and over 720k organic impressions.

SHINE served as a catalyst to signify a moment and a movement toward improving Amazon's internal culture and commitment to DEI. The Summit showcased Amazon's dedication to the growth and development of its Black women senior leaders beyond this one Summit, as it will continue to illuminate other minority groups by calling each to bring their greatness into light.

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